What Is Actuator?

A source of energy needed for the functioning of any device. This energy source can be in the form of an electric current, pressure pneumatic or hydraulic fluid pressure. This energy will then be turned into a kind of movement.

Coming to the significant features of the device, it is known for high durability. Apart from these, ‘Electric linear Actuator’ (Also known as ‘ตัวกระตุ้นเชิงเส้นไฟฟ้า’ i the Thai language) are versatile in nature, affordable, easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to install.

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The fact that the device can be easily installed in almost any type of headgear, gearbox or motor is one of the main reasons for its popularity. In other words, almost all the gearheads or combination of motor match the devices.

The use of actuators are concerned, almost all major sectors use these devices to carry out important tasks are countless today. This tool has met all the applications present home furniture and design requirements of a broad clientele. In the furniture industry, is used in the elevator and lounging chairs, desks, tables, beds, workstation, etc.

This device is also used in carefully tailored, bus doors, train doors, commercial kitchen equipment, consumer products, compact robot, agricultural machines, compact robots, etc.

Another major role of the actuator in streamlining the performance of medical equipment. The device is used in critical equipment including artificial insemination, microdose dispensing, emitter ultrasonic, micro monitoring, MRI robot compatible, the operation, 3D scanning, handling systems such as pick-n-place, a laser beam steering, pump nano-microliter medical materials, devices drug delivery and more.