The Web And Website Design

The invention of the web by Tim Berners Lee revolutionized the stereotypical mediums of communication throughout the world.  With communication of knowledge came the broadcasting and propagation of ideas and services, as the markets around the globe discovered a new and faster means of communication that will help them to communicate with the user directly, and thus saving a lot of time and effort.  And with the user getting involved, and in an audio visual medium such as the computer, came in the concept of Design, and brought with it the sub discipline of Web Design.

But to understand the concept of Web design, we need to first understand the definition of the web, a website and design. The web, in most basic terms, is a globally interconnected network of computers.  Scott Heron is a independent web designer (see for more information) for a range of years, he believes that it is crucial to explain further.  This network interacts with the user on a visual platform which is called a website. Design, by definition, is to exploit the senses of a spectator using the visual elements of design, namely lines, shapes, colors, textures and form. Website design is a sub-discipline of design, and a student of this discipline is addressed to as a website designer. It is his job to endeavor to successfully manipulate the elements of design so as to get the desired response by the user itself when subjected to any particular stimuli. It involves the study of design along with the technical knowledge of the internet.

With the internet reaching out to all crevices of the globe, web design today has emerged as a booming industry which is always on the lookout for new talent and ideas. And at the great speed at which the internet world operates, there is no space for stereotypes to develop or take a foothold, thus making it an attractive career option for the young and enterprising. This has seen a great number of people taking up this career option over other conventional ones, a sure sign of a generation which believes in taking risks and aspires to always conquer.