Talking About Crowns And Ceramic Reconstruction

First of all, if you are going to be damaging your teeth then at least do it properly. In a way that it just does not break halfway through and actually pulls itself out. There is nothing more horrifying than breaking a tooth where it does not get pulled out and just kind of stays there while the top half is broken. That makes all of us cringe just thinking about it. So here is xeramic reconstruction in Howell MI.

When all of us had been children, we were told to always brush our teeth three times a day so it never gets damaged or anything. It is to prevent cavities of some kind and while we actually believe that, it also does nothing when your teeth just screws itself and get damaged anyway no matter how hard you worked on protecting it.

Even if you were tiring to ensure its health, in time it is still going to find a way to hurt itself and you. That is the price of growing up. We deal with health issues in our old age and even if we try our hardest to prevent any and all illnesses, they still get us. All because of time.

We decay and so our teeth will decay too. Even if we find some money to get some kind of teeth medicine and procedure, it will just delay the inevitable. We are still going to die and our teeth will still rot away before we will. As nihilistic as this may sound, why are we still bothering anyway?

If we all are going to return to the earth anyway, why do we still fight? For fleeting moments of happiness? When we know those will not mean anything when we are on our death bed? If you look about it in a different way, do you not think that all of our actions are meaningless?

When we die anyway and when nothing else will matter because we have expired? Why do we do the things we do? Why do we still fight for our health? What really is our purpose? Why do we do the things we do for our loved ones? What is our goal and what do we get out of it? to put it on the most basic sense, we do our job to get money.

We want money because we need essentials like food. Okay, we got food so now what do we do after we eat? Is that just it? we eat to survive, okay but why do we still survive? What really is our purpose?

We survive and work because we want to eat just so we could survive? We try to maintain health to survive, yes but seriously, what is the point? This is not anything suicidal, we are just questioning the reason why we are living.

We are not by any means as smart as any of the philosophers like Socrates but we do hope that they have the answer somewhere in their writing. Although it would be a point to go through with them.