Popular Actuator Styles

Actuators have a close relationship with the control valve. Like many mechanical components, they also have a variety of types. 

An operated pneumatic control valve actuator is the most popular type used. In addition, electric actuators, hydraulic, and manuals are also widely used.

The spring-and-diaphragm pneumatic electric actuators are most commonly prescribed for dependability and simplicity of design. 

Adaptation of the second spring-and-diaphragm and piston pneumatic actuators are available for installation directly on-axis rotary control valve.

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Because different types of actuators have different designs and characteristics, it is necessary to distinguish them from one another.

Compared with other types of electro-hydraulic actuator requires only electrical power to the motor and electrical input signals from the controller.

An electro-hydraulic actuator is ideal for remote locations where the supply of pneumatic pressure is not available but where precise control of the position of the valve plug is required.

The next one is a manual actuator. This is useful where automatic control is not required, but where ease of operation and good manual controls are still needed. They are often used to run a bypass valve on a bypass around the circle three-valve control valve for manual control of the process during maintenance or system shutdown automatically.

Manual actuators are available in various sizes for both the world of style rotary valve and valve-shaft. They are much cheaper than the automatic actuator.