Introduction of a Solar Cell

Converting solar power into electricity via photovoltaic cells is now perhaps one of the very enjoyable and exciting technological discoveries of the past few years.

Use of solar power is less damaging to the environment than burning fossil fuels to create power.

In contrast to other renewable energy resources like hydropower, wind, solar cell comes with unmatched portability and if you want to install it in your home you can buy it from this website.

These features make solar power an integral energy source even as we go away from fossil fuel addiction, and much more sustainable and clean methods to fulfill our energy requirements.

แผงวงจรอิเล็กทรอนิกส์ 130W (Polycrytalline Solar Panels)

The sun can be just an effective energy resource. The sunlight that powers solar cells travels through distance at 186,282 miles per hour to accomplish on the ground 8.4 minutes later leaving the surface of the sun.

Around 1,368 W/M2 is released on the very top of the earth’s atmosphere.

Even though the solar energy which reaches the earth’s surface has been reduced because of water vapor, ozone coating absorption and scattering by air pollutants, there’s still plenty of power for us to gather.

I think the most exciting fact of solar energy generation is that it creates chances for the individual power consumer to participate in the creation of power.

Even if it is a little way, you are able to get some control of where your energy comes from.