Influence Marketing – Internet Marketing Plus Influence Equals Wealth

The principals and methods of Influence Marketing are timeless. They were presumably used by cavemen and cavewomen! Now we all can learn what the important people in history always knew.

Influence is not bad, as long has people are not being influenced to do things that are bad for them. More on this later, but in the meantime please don't use this stuff to…etc. etc. etc.To know more on influence marketing you may head to

Why are internet marketing mega-sellers are all over this stuff? Because it is the reason they are mega-sellers. Internet marketing mega sellers rock because they know how to persuade people to buy, or opt-in or jump up and down. Every day we are inspired but only the big time sellers use the concepts and procedures of Influence Marketing to their advantage.

Why does it work? It works because people need decision-making shortcuts. More on this later, but for now just trust me, because I have 3 best sellers on the subject, all your fellow trust me and it's about to run out. (Ok, no best-sellers, your friends don't trust me and there's plenty, but stick with me anyway).

Think about this: Ever just vaguely want something, and then you discover it is in short supply or that price is going up or the bonuses are going away.