Give New Look To Your Ceiling By Using Timber Facade

There are many different looks that you can give on your ceiling to improve the look of the room. Ceiling tiles that you will have available to you are most likely made of fiberboard. The design and appearance of the tiles are made of this material can differ. Choose timber facade ceiling (which is also known as ‘เลือกเพดานซุ้มไม้‘ in the Thai language) to provide a unique appearance to your ceiling.

There are various sizes of timber facades for ceiling tiles as well. Materials can be used to absorb sound, or they can be designed specifically for the space used for entertainment, such as home theater.

Your timber facade installation is very easy Strips of wood used to attach the ceiling tiles so that the uneven area does not affect the look of your ceiling.

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One of the most important parts of the job is to take an accurate measurement. You should plan your timber facade to make sure that you cut the appropriate size for the border pieces. Cut edge and border pieces in advance so that you can quickly install them as you work your way in your ceiling.

Cutting timber facade in advance to help the job go more quickly and efficiently once you start putting them on the ceiling.

Prepared border timber facade first. The whole timber is applied to the ceiling once the border is really up in the ceiling. You can even create a superb design with your border tiles when installing a new ceiling.

This is a simple method to change the look of the room. You may not realize immediately what has changed, but there is little doubt that the look of the ceiling will create a completely new atmosphere. You can also create designs faux tin ceiling with a very low cost.

The timber facade ceiling can be very expensive, but using a simple paint technique can provide a great look at a very low price. Get creative with your facade figure out what you do in the room to change the look.