Essential Wetsuit Cleaning Tips And Advice

Wetsuits are made from special materials. These suits are not just popular among surfers. These items are popular even to divers too. Wetsuits are quite expensive. Hence, if you want to make use of your investment, you got to make it last longer. These materials are pretty sensitive. Since they are usually used on and in the sea, their exposure to chlorine, salt and organic residues could affect its quality. For your wetsuit cleaning, make sure to follow the tips mentioned below. Let them guide you.

Clean them with care and extreme cautious. First of all, after using them, wash them with fresh water immediately. Do not use a hot water. Wash it in cool water. When exposed to a warm temperature, the neoprene might start to lose its flexibility. Consider the property of the material.

They are made from a synthetic polymer that has a resemblance to rubber. You should never wash these materials with other clothes. Never bleach them to remove salt. When hanging them, make sure to keep the material directly from the sun. Dry it inside out. From time to time, you got to flip it.

There are some hangers that are designed just for this material. As an alternative, you could use a heavy hanger too. Do not try to fold or cram the suit in the drawer. It can weaken its fabric. Since zippers are made from metals, and since these products are highly exposed to chlorine and salt, corrosion would certainly appear.

To solve this problem, you can actually purchase some lubricants like the zipper lubricant. After using the suit for a long time, there is a great chance that the material will start to smell. You can actually remove the strong odor by using the odor eliminator. Put in on a bucket of cool water.

You could even do this on your sink. After mixing the product on the water, dip the wetsuit in and out the water. Ironing the material is highly forbidden. These are just the basics. If you are wondering how to remove stains from gasoline, solvents, or aerosols, the best thing that you can do about it is to avoid those things.

Just remember, this product is quite sensitive. They are weak against salt, sun, and even harmful residues. Wetsuits have sensitive materials. If you are careless enough, you might be able to cut them while you are diving, surfing, or playing. It is hard to locate those cuts, especially, if they are very small.

You could only find them, especially, after folding or rolling the suits. Do that without utmost care. To fix them back, using a regular sealant would do. Be cautious in applying it. It is going to be a meticulous job. Do not use a glue gun when doing it. You know how that tool has been powered.

Before putting back the torn pieces apart, make sure that the glue is dry. If you are doing this, try not to use the wetsuit immediately. You could wait for half a day. Make times to do these things. As an owner, remember your duties. You have to take responsibilities. Handle your own things and belongings with utmost care. By constantly doing this, you can surely preserve the beauty of the suits. Of course, as a result, your actions will increase its lifespan.