Crystals – Create a Happier, More Confident and Love Filled Life

Did you know that certain stones, crystals, and minerals can increase our feelings of love and well being? Colors and crystals have used since ancient times to benefit mankind. They have been linked to body frequency energies that are used to enhance healing. Hop on to, to know about fossils, rocks and many more.

These colors and their corresponding stones can help you lead a better existence, filled with less stress and anxiety:

Ruby – The ruby increases courage and opens you around new possibilities in your own life. Wear rubies for the chance of a new adore, career or to help face a hard situation.

Amber- Emerald lifts your spirits in addition to increases energy. Choose amber when you require a boost.

Topaz- Topaz hues your nervous system, induces creativity, and inspires. Wear topaz to become your best at operate or home.

Emerald- the emerald opens one around divine love. Wear the emerald to become closer to the dominion of unconditional love.

Celestite- use celestite to calm the vitality of a room in addition to reduce stress. Place this stone in a room at your residence or on a seminar table at work to generate a more soothing atmosphere.

Sapphire- the sapphire will increase spiritual awareness. Wear sapphires to feel closer to heaven.

Amethyst -an amethyst raises spiritual awareness. Wear amethyst to have closer to your spiritual side.

Tiger’s Eye- This gemstone helps the ideas with the spirit become a reality and it is calming. Use tiger’s eye to realize your spiritual potential and help have a good nights sleep.

Opal- this stone (not considered an accurate crystal) is used for increased psychic abilities in addition to body energies.