Best Lung Cancer Treatment

Mostly, lung cancer occurs in the epithelial cell of the lung, they can also arise within the blood vessel of the lung. The symptoms of lung cancer may take years to arrive at the surface. A few of the symptoms of lung cancer are powerful coughs, pain at the back because of coughing, change of mucus color when coughed from sputum, swallowing or breathing difficulty, sound during breathing, pneumonia or blood coming out in the sputum.

Available Treatments

Cancer treatment can vary based upon the condition of the individual, the location of the tumor and how it has spread out.


In a case where the cancer isn’t really spread out, the general health of the individual is breathing and good is satisfactory, a surgical removal of the tumor is advised by doctors. This practice is called lobectomy.

Sometimes, once the complete lobe can’t be eliminated, the tumor that’s beside healthy cells can be eliminated or just the field of cancer. In case the whole lung has to be eliminated, the practice of pneumonectomy is done. Recovery time can be based on the sort of operation and the health of the individual.

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Radiation or radiotherapy can be given to the individual to kill the cancer cells in the lungs. In this process, higher degree of X-ray is used to kill cancer cells. This process only requires a couple of minutes and doesn’t cause any pain.

A whole lot of care is required to protect the different areas of the lung or tissue from becoming harmed. This treatment is provided usually over a few sittings and over a couple of days or weeks. This sort of radiation is to be given only to the part that’s affected hence it can’t be used for a large area as it might harm the good cells also.

It’s seen that occasionally patients experience fatigue and lack of appetite but these can go once the treatment gets over.


This treatment is given when cancer has spread out. This therapy prevents the growth of cancer cells using a medication that’s either given in form of intravenous or a pill. This is to be given a few times within a particular period. This sort of treatment might have some side effects but the doctors have methods to counter them.

Minimal Invasive Surgical Methods

To prevent pain and discomfort brought on by surgery, doctors may recommend opting for minimally invasive surgery. This surgery is done with the support of a rather small video camera of 3 inches. This camera is inserted into the chest through a really small cut. This enables the surgeon to determine the area being worked easily. This sort of operation has become more popular today as it’s a lesser risk, less blood loss, and much more ease during operation. The recovery is also quicker in such instances with no marks.