All About Japan Tour Packages

Japan is an Asian island country. It’s one of the most attractive countries on the planet.  During your vacation spent in this county, you will know the real beauty of Japan.

Japan people living in modern lifestyle, the country has maintained their culture as traditions and modernism lifestyle.

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Mount Fuji is the most famous landmark of Japan and is also the highest mountain peak in the country. It has a height of 3,776 meters and can be observed in the capital city of Tokyo.  It was recorded as a cultural site in the World Heritage List of UNESCO in the year 2013.

Making a tour to Japan would provide you the chance to enjoy in beautiful places of Japan and you can see the amazing view of the sunrise.

Your vacations to Japan would also offer you the opportunity to see Miyajima Island, which is popular internationally as Shrine Island. It’s located in the Hiroshima Bay and is home to the Itsukushima Shrine. This shrine is dedicated to the three brothers of the Shinto god of seas and storms, Susano-o no Mikoto.

The Osaka Castle is also a beautiful place which was constructed in the late 16th century by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who had been a renowned Japanese warrior and politician.