A Brief Introduction on Bungee Jumping

One of the most exciting extreme sports today is the Bungee Jumping. It involves a very elastic tied with rope and then jump from a very high structure. You will feel a sensation of extreme as you free fall then before you hit the ground, snapback it up and down until the energy is spent. 

Normally, this exercise is done on buildings, bridges or even high crane. However, others have tried this using a helicopter hovering or even a hot air balloon high above the ground.

Bungee jumping has different types to make it more attractive. The first and most common type is a plain and simple bungee jump. 

It is a jump made by natives of Pentecost Island in which you jump from a high platform while attached to harness tied to a rope. If you want to try bungee jumping and want more information visit this website macau.ajhackett.com. 

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After the cable reaches extreme tension, snaps back bring you back a little bit and oscillate several times (usually about 4 times) before stabilizing. The fall and oscillation, giving the feeling of flight and weightlessness.

Another form of bungee jumping so-called ” bungee rocket”. Also known as “bungee catapult”, you start jumping off the ground instead of the platform. 

When it reaches a certain height, you were released, you throw up before going down like a bungee jump. You will experience a deep rush of adrenaline you zoom to the top. 

This kind of bungee jump has the additional element of danger because of the tendency of the elastic strap to pull the object (in this case, you) to where the cables are attached. 

With the passage of time and bungee jumping are becoming more popular, more styles are sure to be developed.